Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's: a one act play

On the phone with my parents:

: So, what are we gonna do on Friday? (They're coming to visit this week and I took the day off)
Me: Not sure yet, I have some stuff I need to do in the morning.
Dad: Like what? We're going to that Quaker school in the morning
Me: Yeah yeah I know, but I think I'll need to just drop you off so mom and I can take care of something.
Mom: ooh, what?
Me: Well I have an ultrasound.
(long pause) Mom: you're shitting me. Ok so what's the real news, did you total your car?
Me: Um, no. I mean I was gonna tell you guys when you got here but I really want you to come.
Dad: (silence)
Mom: you're shitting me. (long pause and heavy sigh) Oh, Joy. Oh, Joy. Oh, Joy. So what's your plan?
Me: I mean I didn't plan it. We just had those snow days and you know it happened.
(more heavy sighs from mom. Still silence from Dad)
Mom: Ok, well is the other participant involved at this point?
Me: Well he probably would be if I had remembered his name...

I had to break it off after about 10 minutes because my roommate was literally crying in hysterical laughter, and I was worried they'd show up tomorrow with a priest and every translation of the Bible in tow. It's all about quality over quantity when it comes to April Fools.

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nancy said...

Oh, wow. As a mother myself, I was saying "shit," even though I knew it was a joke. Well played.