Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summary of Summer: a few conclusions

1. Criticizing a female politician isn't sexist as often as we say it is. It's just, in most cases, leveling the playing field.

2. If I don't put a pile away before it becomes a pile, I don't stand a chance. Sorry roommates.

3. I will always be a person who has to juggle multiple responsibilities. Grad school finished? Sure I'll take on 3 other positions to fill its place.

4. Re-packaging fruits and veggies into single serving baggies creates more of a chance that I'll reach for said baggie instead of a cookie.

5. The west coast really is the best coast. Better weather, better sunshine, better bodies of water, better soda selection, better wide open spaces for road tripping. East coast is gaining ground with its occasional tally in the win column, but as of now it's not even a close race. Just don't ask me what that means for future living situations.

6. In my former life I think I was some important person's personal assistant. It's basically what I did this summer (again just one hat), but I was spankin good at it.

7. I really do want to work on my book goal before hitting 30 years old. Alyssa we need to pick a topic.

8. I am becoming the perfect blend of my parents. And by perfect I mean have taken on both of their neuroses and very few of their strengths. I can look forward to a future of increasing clumsiness, lack of spelling skills, awkward double fist pumping in the heat of the moment, excessive annoyance when businesses don't answer their phones/hire idiots to answer phones, a talent to telling a 20 minute story about nothing, and a propensity to be 20 minutes late to everything. Bring it on.

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alyssa said...

Fiction or non-fiction?